Coffee Grinders

Industrial coffee grinder for middle productions, refrigerated by water. The special design of the grinding rollers assure a ground complete and uniform. The regulation of each roller unit is accomplished easily triggering the steering wheel graduated, permitted to vary the degree of grinding. To the exit of the rollers is accomplished the mixture and crushing of the husks of the grain that they may not have been ground and through the adjustable device we vary the volume of the ground coffee.
Load doser.
Separating magnetic.
Finisher rollers.
Micrometric regulation
Cleanliness door and Mixer.
Chassis monoblock.
Motor, driven pulleys
Water cooler group

Technical data:
Production:430-500 kg/h
Power: 20 Cv
Tension: 220/380V 50 Hz

Width: 910 mm
Hight: 2400 mm
Long: 1800 mm
Weight: 2500 kg
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Coffee Grinders
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